A book called Bunk, about truth that is not true.  Something for us to think about.  Do we all have a responsibility to read and think critically?


Summer is over

Just a couple of weeks ago, it seems, it was over 100F in the middle of the day, scorching hot winds, smoke from distant brush fires blowing over town.  The weather has changed, abruptly, to wet, cold wind, about 35F, with the sprinklers drained and to be blown out tomorrow.  Another season is over.  The abruptness and lack of negotiation possible with weather is awesome.

USA presidential campaign

So I’m watching CNN talking about the possible perceived disaster of the Donald being the Republican nominee for president. And his wife is interviewing now.  And everybody is losing their mind about Christie and Duke (for different reasons, of course).  But with all of that, no candidate that I know of from either party, has spoken about in a detailed, comprehensive way:
Climate change, including a comprehensive energy generation and distribution plan.
Limiting the harm the ongoing conflicts in the middle east cause to our country
Funding healthcare
Rebuilding our infrastructure–roads, utilities, railroads
Women’s rights
Right to education
Care for injured veterans, including psychiatric disability.
I’d really like to hear what these folks have for a vision of our future

Ready for Winter

Changes in season are always fun.  The first real change of season in a new place, especially the first autumn, is always a little intimidating.  We know that it will be cold here, just a question of how cold and when.  We (I) did not find a building contractor to improve the insulation under our bedroom, and even though its still mostly above freezing at night, it gets very cold in our bedroom.  We can fix it with a space heater, but it still is inefficient and stupid.  I don’t like either one.

Adjustment to life here has been rather easy overall.  Our dog has adjusted well to staying at home.  Our cat is doing well, Our jobs are usually easy, the usual rural surgery combination of terrific boredom and sudden terror.  Saving money here is easy, as there are no restaurants here that are expensive, and most commodities are reasonably priced.  Our biggest utilities expense are actually phone and media expenses, and we could, of course, just to to the Loaded Toad and check email once a day.  Most of the people are nice here, at least superficially.  Of course, when you are new in town, you never know what people are really saying.

This blog will try to capture some of the things that I see and do here, some of my thoughts.  I’ll try not to make it too boring, but that is the nature of my life now.  I’ll try to find some pictures from time to time.